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The proper peel technique

What If Notes has done extensive research in this

Many customers of What If Notes apply our sticky notes individually to different carriers (newspapers, magazines, envelopes, boxes, packages, etc.). Most people peel the Sticky Note from the front, one after another. That is okay for personal use, but when you are applying them for your customer we have a trick that helps.

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sticky notes 101

problems the competitors won't tell you About

But don't worry, What If Notes has it solved.

Charging for overs, or short runs

What If Notes does not charge for overs. We feel that if you receive overs, you can use them as samples to show your customers. This leads to more orders for your company, and, hopefully, gives What If Notes the opportunity to bid on your quotes.

Printing on or under the glue

The process we use for coating the paper allows for us to print 4-colour process, both sides, roll to roll. We then take the printed rolls and coat them after the printing is complete, giving you full colour under the sticky note.

Can i supply printed sheets and what if Notes applies the sticky note to it?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: the applicaton process is complex.

Without giving away any secrets, we bring in specific paper stocks from a mill, which allows for even coatings.

The paper is treated with 3 to 6 coatings, depending on the stock and the use of the paper.

The coatings are then baked into the paper.

The treated paper is then rewound in to smaller rolls and printed on using our specially modified press.

What If Notes stands behind our product.

We are proud of the advancements we have made, which include:

- Our standard paper stock is 60lb, this reducing the curl when peeling each sheet.

- We increased print quality to include 4-colour process under the glue.

- We have 70lb, 80lb and 100lb paper stocks.

- We offer coated stocks.

- We offer different glue patterns.

- We can order specific colour stocks right from the mill for our customers.

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who can i sell sticky notes to?

The 3 main types of Sticky Notes


- Using the Sticky Note to promote your company as a free hand out to existing customers and potential customers. These pads are usually 4"x3" or 4"x6" in 25s or 50s with the corporate information and logo in 4-colour process. We also offer these in various colour stocks.


- These are forms, information sheets or message pads, usually for internal use. These pads are usually 4"x4" or 4"x6" in 50s or 100s in 1 colour.  We also offer these in various colour stocks.


- These Sticky Notes are used to advertise a company or a product or service the company offers. For example, a national gas station company applied Sticky Notes to newspapers for specific station openings and to promote  a national million-dollar prize campaign.